Monday, November 17, 2008

First blog

Namaskaar. Welcome to my blogspot. This is my first post with hopefully many more to come. Here you'll find me - what I believe in, what I want and what all I know. I have always believed that I read a lot and therefore I have stored a lot of info in my gray cells! No, no. I'm not bragging. Just want to relieve some of my cells of the burden, ha ha ha!
How I wish I had a Pensieve like Prof. Dumbledore and pull out some thoughts when I grow really weary. But if wishes came true the world would be a very different place, because not all of us have pleasant wishes all the time. I remember hearing the story of Alladin and the Genie when I was small and the three wishes he was granted. Guess what my third wish was? Yep another three wishes! And I saw the possibility of an infinite loop in that scheme. ha ha ha. Now you understand what I mean by unpleasant wishes.
The bit of information for today - taste some Bubble Tea.

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