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I am going to continue with the glossary list today. And as the cute picture above suggests, its going to be about veggies. Ummm, yumm!! The important note - H in braces means name in Hindi, Te means name in Telugu ( one of the major South Indian languages).

Root Vegetables:
  1. Potato - Aaloo (H), Bangaladumpa (Te)
  2. Onion - Pyaz (H), Ulli paya (Te)
  3. Garlic - Lahsun/Lassan (H), Velulli paya (Te)
  4. Ginger - Adrak (H), Allam (Te)
  5. Colocasia - Arvi/Arbi (H), Chemadumpa/Chemagadda (Te)
  6. Carrot - Gaajar (H), carrot (Te)
  7. Turnip - Shalgam (H),
  8. Sweet Potato - Shakarkand (H), Chilakada dumpa (Te)
  9. Beetroot - Chukunder (H),
  10. Yam (elephant yam ) - Jami kand or Ratalu or Suran (H), Kanda (Te)
  11. Radish / Daikon - Mooli (H), Mullangi (Te)
  12. Tapioca root/ Cassava/ Yucca - Simla Aaloo (H), Pendalam (Te)
  13. Celery - Ajmud/ Ajmoda (H), Vaamaaku (Te)


  1. Ash Gourd - Petha kaddu (H), Budida Gummadi kaya (Te)
  2. Amaranth leaves - Chauli/ Chowli patte (H), Thotakoora
  3. Aubergine/ Brinjal - Baingan (H), Vankaya (Te)
  4. Artichoke - Hathi chak (H),
  5. Asparagus - Shatwar/ Halyan (H),
  6. Avocado - Makhan phal (H),
  7. Broad/ Fava beans - Papdi lilva (H), Chikkudu kaya (Te)
  8. Bitter gourd - Karela (H), Kakara kaya (te)
  9. Bell Peppers/ Capsicum - Simla Mirch (H), Bangalore Mirchi (Te)
  10. Bottle gourd/ Opo squash - Lauki/ Ghia (H), Anapa kaya/ Sora kaya (Te)
  11. Cabbage - Bandh/Patta Gobhi (H), cabbage (Te)
  12. Cauliflower - Phool Gobhi (H), cauliflower (Te)
  13. Cluster Beans - Guar/ Guwar Phalli (H), Goruchikkudu kaya (te)
  14. Corn - Makka/Makai (h), corn
  15. Cucumber - Kheera (H), Dosakai (Te)
  16. Chow-Chow/ Chayote squash - (h), Bangalore Katrikaya (Te)
  17. Drumstick - Saijam/ Shinga Phalli (h), Mullakkada/ Munnakai (te)
  18. Eggplant - see aubergine
  19. Green Peas - Matar (H), Pachi Batani (te)
  20. Fresh/ Frech beans - Pharas beans (H), beans
  21. Ivy gourd/ Gherkin - Tindora/ Tindli (H), Dondakaya (te)
  22. Jack fruit - Kathal (H), Panasa kaya (Te)
  23. Lady's fingers/ Okra - Bhindi (H), Benda kaya (Te)
  24. Mushrooms - Kukkur mutta/ Khumbi (H), Kukka(Putta) Godugulu (te)
  25. Olives - Zetoon/ Jaitun (H),
  26. Pumpkin - Kaddu (h), Gummadi kaya (te)
  27. Ribbed/ Ridge gourd or Courgette - Turai or Tori (H), Beerakaya (TE)
  28. Snake gourd - Chichinda or Chirchira (H), Potlakaya (te)
  29. Spring onions - Hara Pyaz (H), Ulli kada (te)
  30. Tomatoes - Tamatar (H), Tamata (te)

And those are some veggie translations for you. Of course, the list is in no way compelete, yet. In further postings I hope to put up names of fruits and dry fruits as well. And some indigenous vegetables have been left out just because I have never seen them in US markets. And looking at this list I understand for the first time - Indian vegetarian diet is truly the healthy way to live. With ample use of different pulses, legumes and beans, each meal provides a complete profile nutrition-wise. There is just so much variety of vegetables grown and each part of India has developed such distinctive cuisine based on it, that we don't miss meat. So let's make sure we eat these veggies to achieve better health. As the old adage goes " Health is Wealth". But more importantly, I say, "Health is Happiness".

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