Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Books

Namaskaar. Welcome to my blog on this cold and gloomy tuesday. Right now I'm very sick ( thanks to the weather ) with a runny nose and hacking cough. I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer :-D
Well the last week was spent reading a number of very good books. I'll list them here for fellow book lovers who might want to read them.
Book #1 - Magyk
Book #2 - Flyte
Book #3 - Physik
Book #4 - Queste

To the new reader let me say that these books come under the fantasy fiction genre. Which means that theyare about magic and stuff like that. I'll give a short synopsis down below:

BRISINGR - Its the third book in the Inheritance cycle series. The first two were ERAGON and ELDEST respectively. This was supposed to be the last book but was extended to include a fourth book.
Paolini does a good job of story telling. Critics have accused Paolini of copying ideas from more popular books. But I beg to differ. It is true that some of his plots or layouts seem similiar to other books, but the basic storyline has enough of his original ideas to make it his own writing. And well there is nothing wrong to take some inspirations from classics, is there? And in this, the third book, Paolini has come into his own I believe. The way Eragon grows and comes across grown up world with all the good and bad in it, how he deals with it, is all original and no copying.

So if u r interested in such books, I suggest you read these three Paolini books.

My friend Roberta was so kind to lend me this series. She has many books and always glad to lend me some. And this series was very good too. It follows the story of one Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son. Set in a fictional world, these stories are good to start your child of on a journey to the fantasy fiction world. It probably is most appropriate for the 10-12 age group. But any die-hard fantasy fan can still read this and be happy. The books have good continuity but are not dependent on the previous. And the story lines are very simple but very interesting and intruiging at the same time.

So go out and read some books today. Happy Reading!!

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