Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy Day Snacks

As promised here are the recipes and pictures of my today's snowy day snacks .

Spiced Tea
Serves 2.

1 cup (8 oz. ) - water
1/2 cup - whole milk
1 pod - green cardamom, powdered
1/4 inch piece - ginger,sliced thinly
3-4 - cloves
1 inch stick - cinnamon ( or 1/4 tsp. cinnamon pd)
1 tsp - black tea leaves ( redlabel brand from India )
sugar to taste.

Place water in a thick bottomed vessel and add all the spices to the cold water. Put stove on medium heat and let the water come to a boil slowly. This step assures that all the spices will steep properly and give full flavor to the tea. Once the water is simmering, add the tea leaves and boil for about 2 mins. Add sugar and milk, then let it almost boil over and out. Take off the heat at the last second and let it sit covered for at least half a minute. This has a dual purpose - one is that the tea and flavors get a chance to rest and mingle. The second is that all the particles will settle down and then you can pour the tea without need of any tea filter! Smart, ain't it? ;-)
Pour and enjoy!!

Serves 2 -3.
Ingredients (for plain onion fritters )
1 medium onion - halved and sliced thinly
2 green chillies - finely chopped
1 small sprig - curry leaves
1/2 tsp ajwain seeds (carom seeds)
salt to taste
red chilly powder, optional and to taste
Gram flour/Besan - 1/2 to 1 cup
Rice flour - 2tbsp
For mixed vegetable version - just add 1/4 cup (chopped) each of any vegetables you might have on hand. I used cabbage and green bell peppers.

Cut all the veggies and put in a mixing bowl. Add the carom seeds, salt and chilly powder. Let sit for a while ( 10 mins ). Because of the salt, the veggies will give out their water. This water is enough for the batter and no more should be added. After the veggies have given out water, add the gram flour and mix well to coat all veggies. The texture on your hands should feel like toothpaste covered veggies. :-D that was the only analogy I could come up with it. Hope it makes sense.
Heat about 2 cups of oil in a wok. Once it heats up just add teaspoonfuls of the veggie mixture and fry till golden brown. Take out with slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Repeat with all the remaining batter.

Serve with ketchup or Maggie Hot n Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce. Enjoy !!!

And that's happiness on a plate to rid your snowy day blues!


vik said...

we had chai and pakora last night!
-good stuff

Muskaan said...

Glad to hear that Vik.