Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy Day

It's snowing here! A storm is blowing here and the sky looks angry. Brrrr!! I'm hoping that all the schools have been closed so the kids can enjoy snow. The weather is putting me in the mood for Indian Comfort food -- masala chai and mirchi bajji mmm! Masala chai or spiced tea is a must on rainy days. And the perfect accompaniment for the tea - Green Chilli fritters yum-o! It's not for the faint of heart. The hot tea makes the chilli fritters taste even more hot!!! But it is the comfort food for me. Unfortunately I don't have any fritter worthy chillies with me. So I'm planning to make the next best thing - Onion pakodis (fritters). And they are VC's favorite so i'm hoping to surprise him this evening.
OMG I just realized that it's not snowing anymore. It's raining Ice!
Anyway, to continue with my daydream. Spiced tea and Onion pakodis for snack and then hot Adai for dinner. Adai is a cousin of the dosai family. Both are pancake made of rice-lentil batter. The type of lentils used and the time needed for fermentation are what distinguish the two. As the Adai batter does not require any fermentation it's perfect to make on a short (3-4 hrs) notice. So I just soaked the rice and lentils and well on my way to make adai this evening. Shall post the recipes and pics of all the snowy day specials by tomorrow. Nothing like tea and deep-fried goodies to make you happy!
So Happy Snowy day to you too and go out there and do something that makes You Happy :-)

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